How Do You Know When You’re Ready For Marriage

Statistics don’t lie. And the fact of the matter remains, nearly half of marriages today fizzle. That being said, nearly half also work and that means, most of us end up venturing down the aisle at some point in our lives.

Certainly a life changing decision, so, how do you know when you are ready for it?

Do you enjoy being alone? If the answer is ˜no’, you might not be ready for a life-time commitment to someone just as yet. Instead, make the commitment to yourself and get comfortable with ˜you’ so you are secure in knowing you aren’t needing another person to fill in a void.

At a certain point, you start to notice all of your friends getting married and settling down. And you might begin to feel that nudge that maybe you should do the same too. And soon. If that’s the case, take a pause. It’s not a race to keep up with the Jones’. Nor do you have to match your life events to another. So get rid of that perceived pressure and move at your own pace and only when you’re ready.

The question has been asked and it was all that you had imagined it would be, only there’s a nagging nudge that leaves you unsure of saying “yes!” Listen to it. And clarify if its fear or doubt. A little bit of fear is normal “ you are venturing into a new life after all. However, if it’s doubt, think about it. You shouldn’t have to convince yourself to see forever with someone.

We all have annoying habits. Yes, you too. Socks on the floor. Dried up toothpaste left on the sink. Empty milk carton left in the fridge. Can you live with all of these habits? The good and the bad? Because here’s what we all know anyway¦you can’t change someone. So, don’t jump into something when you are still holding out hoping they will change for you.

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