Is Alex Sturrock The Man Behind Adele’s “21”?

While we recently heard rumours of Slinky Sunbeam was the man behind Adele’s “Someone Like You,” it turns out photographer Alex Sturrock is the man who inspired Adele’s album, 21.

Evidently, if you head to Alex Sturrock’s official website, you’ll see a spread of photos of young Adele, posing with props like bulldogs or roses. According to a source, “They met through mutual friends and hit it off straight away.” 

Alex Sturrock also spent the duration of Adele’s U.S. tour with her after she hired him for the gig, but he – allegedly – “refused to call her his girlfriend” because he “didn’t want to label what they had.” (Red flag, Adele. Red flag.)

Their reported relationship also only lasted from summer 2008 to 2009, so the timing’s also right. Who knows? Hopefully Sturrock comes out with a statement so we can figure out what the jazz – or a ballad – is all about.

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