Bask in this: Rihanna and Naomi Campbell are BFFs

Who knows what the world will bring tomorrow, so today let us bask in the knowledge that Rihanna and Naomi Campbell are best friends, and each are equally excited about it.

After seeing Campbell in Fenty Puma by Rihanna designs in Vogue Italia, Rihanna took to Instagram and captioned a photo with what Vogue UK describes as a “love letter.” (And like, sure? Okay.)

“What a delight to see this beautiful queen in my designs for Vogue Italia!” she wrote. “This is a crazy feeling man! @iamnaomicampbell. From the very first moment in your career, you’ve touched and inspired so many young girls all over the world! I was one of them, and to see this come full circle is a trip to see the least!”

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But wait — dramatic pause — there’s more.

“I’m blessed to have you as a friend, one that will pick up the phone at any hour of the night, one that still makes time even when she has none, just to send me vitamins and facial products, or even tanning oil for my vacation lol!!! That’s why these photos mean so much more to me, you’re a true beauty, one love!”

And honestly this is exactly what I needed to wake up and read today. I want and need to know that at one point, Naomi and Rihanna have talked on the phone super-late, and that Naomi has been all, “Rihanna, are you taking your vitamins?” like an actual BFF. I need to think of them talking about the ins and outs of life, love, and Aubrey Drake Graham, and I need to know that at some point Rihanna’s gotten mail from Ms. Campbell and it’s been that facial product she had mentioned in passing and Rihanna didn’t actually think she’d send it her way. (I mean, right? I think I owe about 14 friends a thing I mentioned they should use. And guess what: I am lazy and I am probably never going to get it to them, I’m sorry.)

Basically, I need to know that there is joy in this world and Rihanna and Naomi Campbell have given me exactly the amount I need to get through the day. So here’s this: the next time you’re feeling, “How is it possible that my day can suck so bad?” think of Rihanna and Naomi talking on the phone, probably about how great you are.

You’re welcome.

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