Buying for the Enemy this Holiday Season

Whether it be your brothers golddigging new girlfriend or that totally annoying coworker you landed in the office Kris Kringle draw, there will always be one person on your list who is a total drag to shop for, not because they are hard to shop for but because, well, you kind of don’t like them. Here’s our picks for some of the best gifts to give that person that you secretly (or maybe not so secretly) hate.

A gift basket from BBW

Nothing screams “I could care less about you” than a smelly gift basket from Bath & Body Works. Want to get even more passive aggressive about it? Find the worst smelling basket of the season and roll with that one.

Skin-coloured leggings

Yeah, you know the ones we’re talking about, the ones that look like you’ve got no pants on when you where them – and the ones that will successfully make them the laughing stock of everyone within a 20 foot radius whenever they put them on.

A Snuggie

Because Snuggies are annoying. And they are annoying. And yes, the more obnoxious the colour, the better. This one works particularly well for the girl who totally thinks her sense of style is better than yours (it isn’t, don’t worry).

A regifted gift card

Remember that time your Aunt Bertha gave you that gift card to that totally random (and awful) clothing shop that no one ever goes into. Well now you finally know what to do with it. Wait, does this mean Aunt Bertha hates you?

A Starbucks CD

Not only is it a CD (does anyone even use those anymore?!) but it’s the lowly kind that ends up in front of you at the Starbucks counter. Bonus points if you score the really obnoxious Christmas carol CD, as well.

A political figure’s biography

Yawwwwwwn. Need we say more? (FYI — is one only has impact if they aren’t into politicals, if they are, choose the book by someone on the opposing political party they support. Yes, we’re evil. Yes, we know).

A Dollar Store gift bag

Make this one up yourself and then leave all the tags on. Yes, you must leave the tags on. Take THAT sucka!

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