A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: Week One, Healthy Grocery List

It is ten weeks until summer and you know what that means. Short shorts, bikinis, miniskirts… A few things that I am not quite ready for yet. My pasty legs have been hiding in skinny jeans and leggings all winter and the few pounds of cushion on my backside and thighs have kept me happy and warm. But, it is time to say goodbye to the jelly and hello to a more toned summer bod.

I’ve decided to document the next ten weeks until summer as I try and make positive changes in my life, in hopes of getting into better shape and becoming a healthier person all around. No more sitting in front of my television with a bag of chips as I crush seasons of Breaking Bad. I’ve promised myself to live a more active lifestyle that includes exercising and healthy eating.

This week I am focusing on my diet. My personal trainer Lara Marq has helped me identify where I am going wrong. I snack and indulge a little more that I should.  I don’t NEED that second cupcake! Tip: Keeping a food diary helps you keep track of your diet so that you can ensure you don’t revert to your old habits.

Eating healthier starts at the grocery store. Lara has helped me put together a shopping list so I am not tempted to pick up those items that are keeping me from my goals.

Healthy grocery list

My Shopping List:

1. one whole organic roasted chicken

2. quinoa

3. eggs

4. one avocado

5. light olive oil and vinaigrette dressing

6. rice cracker snacks

7. rolled oats

8. brown rice

9. mixed green salad

10. apples

11. almond butter

12. cinnamon

Now that my fridge is stocked full of healthy foods, Lara has helped me come up with a meal plan. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I want it to be satisfying. If it isn’t I am tempted to over-do it on calories at lunch. Because I eat lunch at work, I wanted something I could pack in advance and just throw in my bag in the morning on my way out the door. Here is a breakfast, lunch and dinner that will keep me on track.

egg and avocado

Daily Meal Plan:

7am Breakfast:

1 hardboiled egg with ¼ chopped avocado

½ cup rolled oats prepared with water (oatmeal), chopped apples and cinnamon

9:30 am Snack:

Rice cracker with almond butter

12:30pm Lunch:

Quinoa salad: ½ cup of cooked quinoa, ¼ chopped avocado, bunch of chopped mixed greens and 1.5 tbsp of light vinaigrette.

3pm Snack:

Sliced apples with almond butter

6pm Dinner:

Roasted chicken breast (skin removed)

½ cup of brown rice

1 cup of mixed green salad with 1/5 tbsp of light vinaigrette

And don’t forget to drink 8, 8oz, glasses of water per day!


Stay tuned to my Editor’s Blog weekly for more healthy tips to getting your hottest summer bod in ten weeks!

To learn more about Lara Marq’s personal training services, visit www.liftstudio.ca.

Stay tuned to my 10 week challenge by following my progress on our @29Secrets Instagram

A Hot Summer Body in 10 Weeks: 

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  1. Avatar
    • Patricia Ingrassia
    • July 14, 2014
    I see that you have a week one diet plan but you only have one day listed. Did you eat the same things all day for the entire first week? If not, where are your other days/weeks diet’s listed?

    Thank You 🙂

  2. Avatar
    • Angela Stork
    • May 8, 2014
    healthy looking

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