How to Cover Up Any Imperfection with Makeup

Whether it is dark circles or a cold sore, we can all think of one imperfection we’d like to conceal. We’re human! No one is perfect. But, you can give the illusion of perfection by learning a few makeup tricks that will completely conceal these tiny flaws. In the following video, I show you how to conceal a cold sore (using Polysporin’s Cold Sore Healing Patch), dark under-eye circles and bald spots in your eyebrows.

Nothing's worse than getting a cold sore before a big event. They are often caused by stress, so they tend to show up when you want them the least. Eighty percent of people have the common condition (Herpes Simplex Virus – type 1) that causes cold sores and 20 percent of people suffer from regular outbreaks. Luckily, with Polysporin’s Cold Sore Healing Patch you can hide the sore while it heals. The patch contains hydrocolloid technology that effectively treats the sore while the patch’s protective barriers contains the virus. Any pain, itching to tingling is reduced. When you are wearing it, it is almost completely invisible. Your makeup can be worn overtop and no one will even notice it is there. Make sure to apply Polysporin’s Cold Sore Healing Patch at the first sign of an outbreak (patches should be used 24 hours a day).  Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch is available at mass retailers and drug stores across Canada for $18.99 (package of 15). 

Have any more questions on how to conceal these imperfections? Leave a comment below!

This post was generously sponsored by Polysporin, but the opinions, video and images are my own.

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