Why I Liked Fifty Shades of Grey

There has been a lot of discussion over Fifty Shades of Grey this week. Many have been jumping on the hate bandwagon, but is it possible they are speaking too soon? I’ve read all three books and I agree that when you first meet Christian Grey and read about his dominant relationship demands on Anastasia Steele, they seem pretty darn F-ed up. But there are many things people who only read the first chapter or didn’t watch the movie at all are missing.

First, my review is of the movie and not the books. These are two very different things. In the movie Dakota Johnson does a fantastic job of adding more depth to the character Anastasia. Now she’s hilarious, more realistic, thoughtful, and of course flawed (like a human). There is no mention of goddess, ever. She doesn’t want to fall for this hunky dominant, but she does and we’ve all been there (maybe not the hunky dominant part, but falling for someone). The scene where she drunk dials him is probably the best part of the entire movie. Again, we’ve all experienced it! The movie does a great job of taking a very unrealistic storyline and finding ways to make it relatable. And I loved that about it. You’ll laugh watching this film and not because it is terrible, but because Dakota is funny!

Second, I don’t believe the relationship between Anastasia and Christian (in the movie!) is abusive. But, a lot of people do. And even if it was, everyone can stop freaking out, because what movie isn’t about an abusive relationship, or a murderer, or kids killing each other (Hello, Hunger Games!)? Why all of a sudden are we into censorship? I don’t get it. People aren’t going to go home and start Googling, How to find a guy with a red room of pain? We’re not idiots. We can watch a movie about kinky sex and a man who has issues because he had a horrible childhood and not all die. We are going to be okay. So, relax. Please.

Also, if you actually watch the movie you will see Anastasia put Christian in his place about anything she feels uncomfortable with. And they both make it very clear that it is a consensual relationship. And if you think oral sex is abuse, then ¦ well, we’re all in trouble.

Making crazy judgements about a few lines you read from the book or a trailer that really didn’t do the movie justice (probably because they are naked in all the good parts) is lame. So, save your opinion for someone else. Just because you watch a movie doesn’t mean you agree or support the character’s lifestyles. I love Breaking Bad… that doesn’t mean I am super supportive of meth.

If you’ve watched the movie and still hate it, then that’s totally cool. But, I liked Fifty Shades of Grey. And I can’t wait until the next movie or movies come out.

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