29 GIFS of Jamie Dornan aka. Christian Grey aka. Our Ultimate Man Crush

Since our 29 GIFS of Theo James was such a huge hit, I decided to follow it up with none other than Christian Grey himself, Mr. Jamie Dornan. Can you even look at a picture of him without blushing?! He’s seriously dreamy.


Jamie Dornan

Christian Grey Kiss

Jamie Dornan naked

FIfty Shades of Grey

Christian Grey

Marie Antoinette

Jamie Dornan model

Jamie Dornan crying

Fifty Shades of Grey Elevator Kiss

Jamie Dornan

Christian and Anastasia

Jamie Dornan Feature.jpg

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  1. Avatar
    • sam
    • August 21, 2014
    Althought Jamie Dornan is not what I would call ugly, he’s not what I envisioned as Christian Grey. I’m not saying the Christian Grey character has to be a big name star, but I was thinking a little more tall, dark, brunette, handsome, mysterious…..

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