Winter Hair Tips

The extreme cold and harsh, winter winds prove to be an ugly combination, especially when it comes to our hair. Tackle the most unruly locks during the season with these quick fixes:

Tricks to beat static

Sometimes winter weather leaves our hair looking like a science experiment gone wrong. Solution? Hairspray.  Spray a comb or vent brush with a small amount and run it through your hair through to prevent an out-of-control mess. Give yourself extra protection by spraying the inside of your coat and hat before you step into the cold. Need an on-the-go solution? On your next trip to the ladies’ room, lightly wet hands and smooth them over your tresses to keep them tame.

Banish hat head

When the mercury dips down low, wearing a hat becomes your most essential accessory. But the warmth and comfort comes at a cost, usually in the form flat, lifeless hair. Topping damp hair with a hat, especially one made of synthetic fibre, is a major culprit in this beauty blunder. Be sure that your hair is completely dry or else your locks will dry in the shape under your hat. Try flipping your head upside down, gathering all of your hair and pulling together a messy bun at the top of your crown. Let it down once your hat comes off and you’re left with gorgeous, flowing locks. 

Get rid of dry, split ends

Because a lack of moisture is at the root of our winter woes, using a deep conditioner once every couple of weeks will boost the life back into your locks. Repair seriously dry hair by massaging regular olive oil into the ends and leave on for ten minutes. Shampoo and condition the oil out and you’ve got stronger, healthier hair ready to take on the cold. If you’re looking to grow out your hair, there is no better time than winter to start fresh. Even though our hair grows more slowly during the colder months, making regular trims a part of your beauty routine will stimulate healthy growth, keeping your locks beautiful and thriving.

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