Beauty Rules to Ace Your Job Interview

First impressions count in a job interview, and in today’s society there is a very thin line between conservative and playboy bunny. Women are allowed to show much more of their personal style in the office than they were 20 years ago, but an extra swipe of lip-gloss or lots of volume in your hair can easily cross over into too much. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that help you to show, in a job interview, that you mean business.

Do keep you nails short and tidy with no hangnails and no cuticles. Allow yourself to show some personality with your color choice but keep it sophisticated. Try shades of red, light pink, nude or if you’re willing to play it a little dangerous you can go for a dark purple.Don’t use your job interview as an opportunity to try out the latest shade of green, hot pink or neon yellow nail polish.

Do keep your makeup clean and simple — your goal is fresh and put-together. A few swipes of mascara, an even complexion with a sheer, not cakey, foundation.(cover up that zit – you don’t want any and a nude lip can go a long way in showing that you are ready to work. If you want to show a little more personality with your makeup you can try red lipstick or a subtle cat-eye. Don’t wear a smoky eye, heavy eyeliner, loads of bronzer or anything else that you would put on when going clubbing.

Do wear a hairstyle that is both chic and refined. Try the classic ponytail, but don’t be afraid to put a twist on it such as tying a braid into it, leaving your bangs down or trying a slightly messier style. You can also leave your hair down, whether it is straight or curly, as long as it isn’t out of control or over styled. Don’t let your hair speak louder than you do. Don’t worry about an elaborate up-do or Pamela Anderson-esque volume and waves.

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