Cute Hairstyle Ideas to Try

If you’re tired of pulling your hair into a ponytail every morning but don’t quite have time for a flawless French braid or perfect ringlets, read on. The following are five trendy “ and easy! “ hairstyles that you can try out tonight or tomorrow morning.

Volume at the Ends
If you love cute curls but don’t have an extra hour every morning, you’ll love this hairstyle. Quite simply, the ends of the hair are curly and the rest is left loose – it takes minutes! To avoid clown-like poof, you’ll want to use a wide barreled curling iron on long hair and apply a smoothing serum to prevent frizz. For inspiration, look to Gwyneth Paltrow and Peaches Geldof “ both of these babes have worn beautiful voluminous ends to red carpet events.

Chic Chignon
At this year’s Oscars, everyone from Amanda Seyfried to Charlize Theron were wearing their hair in chic chignons “ small, sleek buns at the nape of the neck. This spring, we’re still seeing chignons on runways including Malandrino. Straighten hair and smooth it into one of these sleek buns for a sophisticated workplace-appropriate look. For dinner and drinks, forget the flatiron and pull out a few pieces of hair near the front of your face. For a funkier look, curl these strands.

Deep Side Part
A dramatically deep side part is another hairstyle that has recently been featured on runways like Chloé©, DKNY and Max Mara. To wear this sexy style, use a fine-toothed comb to create a part just above your ear and tease slightly to add volume. If you’ve got bangs, pin them behind your ear in the direction of the rest of your hair.  To complete this one-sided style, wear all of your hair over your shoulder. A deep side part can look casually cute with a t-shirt and jeans. However, it can also look absolutely ravishing with a little black dress.

Sleek Blowout
Smooth, shiny and, above all else, sexy. Sleek blowouts debuted on Anna Sui’s runway this fall and have been sought-after ever since. However, they can take a bit of work. To achieve a glossy blowout at home, blow-dry hair from the roots to the tips while brushing hair straight. Next, use a straightener to take care of any stubborn waves. Finish with a shine serum. To take this hairstyle from day to night, touch it up with your straightener and slip into an equally sleek black dress.

Flirt with Bed Head
Gisele Bé¼ndchen and Drew Barrymore’s bed head hair has a sexy, effortless, just-rolled-outta-bed feel. And, while it does take a bit of styling, bed head is definitely an easy look to achieve! Before you go to bed, apply a bit of styling product to slightly damp hair and braid it into no more than three or four braids. The next morning, remove your braids and loosen them up with your fingers. For added messiness, tease using a round brush but don’t do anything else! The point of bed head hair is to look au naturel. 

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