Urban Decay is Paying Homage to “Alice Through The Looking Glass”

You know I love a movie/makeup crossover, so imagine my joy upon learning that Urban Decay will be releasing its “Alice Through the Looking Glass” lipsticks and palette on May 1. (Are you imagining? You should be.)

The collection will hit stores shortly before the release of the Tim Burton-directed follow-up to “Alice in Wonderland” on May 27 (starring Australian outlaw Johnny Depp and my best friend, Helena Bonham-Carter), and is slated to sell out, if the original line was any indication.

“I hope it sells out,” Urban Decay cofounder and chief creative director Wende Zomnir told WWD. “It’s collectable; it’s Disney, and it’s great makeup. I think it has a lot going for it.”


Plus, it’s got a little more to offer than its predecessor: while both palettes are tied to the movies and boast a slew of shades, this one has 20 instead of 16, so there’s that.

“We loved the original construction and keeping it in the same vein, but we wanted to tell a different story with the shades and really bring a focus to the shades,” Zomnir explained. (With shades being dedicated to the characters.)urban-decay-lipstick

And that’s just the eye shadows. In terms of lipstick, there will be five available shades and colours, going for $18 a piece, and will feature the kaleidoscope pattern from the palette.

“We did not do the last time,” she continued. “We are just so in love with doing lipsticks now that we decided to throw them in, plus it made a lot of sense since we’re doing [the palette] character-based, and there was an eye and lip story to tell with these characters.”

So! After the lipsticks appear on UrbanDecay.com on May 1, you’ll be able to find the collection on May 5 at Sephora Ultra Beauty, select Macy’s stores, sephora.com, ultra.com, macys.com, and beauty.com. Then, you can make finally make your dream of being Helena Bonham-Carter come true. And by “you” I do mean “me” and yes, I am self-centred enough to turn this post around and make it all about my hopes and dreams.

Makeup, you guys! We did it!

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