Billie Eilish Debuts New Fragrance, Eilish

Billie Eilish’s first fragrance, Eilish, is available to shop now. “I wanted it to feel like a warm embrace. Like what it feels like to feel your blood rushing through you,” said Eilish. “It’s a scent that I’ve been chasing for years and years and years. It’s my favorite smell in the world.”

Eilish has been drawn to scents her entire life. As a child Eilish had a fascination with perfume bottles and she has collected hundreds of different fragrances as she has toured the world since she started her rise to fame in 2016.

To bring Eilish to life, the music sensation was intimately involved in every step of the process including the bottle design, the packaging, the campaign, and of course, the scent itself.

Eilish opens with sugared petals, accented by juicy mandarin and red berries. The heart of the fragrance unfolds with soft spices, rich cocoa, and creamy vanilla and the scent is anchored by base notes of warm musks, tonka bean, and sleek woods. Of course Eilish, a vegan for many years, made sure that the fragrance was vegan, cruelty-free, and made with clean ingredients.

As for the beautiful amber-bronze bottle, it symbolizes Eilish’s favorite spots on the human body: the chest, neck, and the collarbone.

Billie Eilish’s debut fragrance, Eilish launches on May 11 on retailing for $70 for 50 ml and $80 for 100 ml. It will also be available at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs & Hudson’s Bay as of June 8.

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