Beauty Products You Need for a Night Out

Nothing distracts from a great night out with the girls like smudged makeup and sweat-ruined hair. It’s far easier to enjoy yourself if you’re not worrying about what you look like, but getting all dolled up feels pointless when it’s ruined a few hours in. Don’t expect your look to stay flawless the entire night, but consider a few key adjustments. We’ve got the beauty tips to help extend your look through any beauty hurdles the night may bring.

Stock up on these must-haves:

Oil blotters

These miracle workers take up less space than a pack of gum in your clutch, but they’ll save your over-oiled skin in a sweaty club. The best part? They’ll remove oil without rubbing off your makeup.
Boscia’s Fresh Blotting Linens ($10) are made with soothing green tea to help reduce redness as well as oil.

Boscia oil blotters

Lip stains

Say goodbye to lipsticks and glosses you have to constantly reapply. Stains are where it’s at for long wear. The colour’s long lasting and doesn’t have the stickiness of a gloss.
Tarte’s LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint is made from all-natural ingredients and comes in a variety of colours, $24.

Tarte LipSurgence lip stain


No, we’re not recommending you rub it on your teeth to force a bright smile é  la Miss America. If you’re lining your eyes with eyeshadow, add a tiny bit of Vaseline before smudging to make it thicker like a liner. It’ll help it stay put.
Stick to Vaseline’s tried-and-true Petroleum Jelly, available at all drugstores for around $5. 

B - Vaseline 300x400


Primer is a must for any makeup with a shot in hell at lasting the night. Face primer will help smooth your complexion and lock in your foundation, while eye primer will keep shadow from creasing.
Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($32) has light reflecting particles and comes in shades for different functions like concealer and bronzer.

Smashbox primer


Barrettes are back for spring and it’s good news for tired tresses. Sweaty bangs stuck on your face can clog pores, not to mention, they’re in-your-eyes annoying. Pin them back with a cute barrette to keep your hair fashionably put together.
Aldo’s Cremin Peacock Hair Clips add a pop of colour to any outfit, $10.

Aldo barrettes

Sympatico Image


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