Natural Body Oils for Soft Skin

When thinking about how to keep your skin nourished and moisturized you might be surprised to hear that body oils are the best approach to keeping your body flake-free. While some people worry about looking too greasy or slippery, there are great body oils that absorb quickly without leaving your skin looking slick. The great thing about body oils is that they often are free of harmful parabens, and leave your skin nourished without the chemical excess.

Here are 5 great body oils that will banish itchy or dry skin:

Body oils

1)     Neutrogena Body Oil: This Neutrogena body oil is lightly scented, lightweight and absorbs surprisingly quickly! You can use this while in the shower or on damp skin right out of the shower. It helps seal in the moisture from the water. A little goes a long way and after you’re done, simply pat dry with a towel.

2)    Josie Maran Argan oil: The miracle oil! It’s great for your hair, cuticles, hands, face and body. Give it a shot to treat split ends, and treat your skin to dewy and glowing skin.

3)     L’Occitane Almond Firming and Softening Skin Oil: This skin oil is enriched with peppermint and smells awesome. This oil concoction really helps repair and firm skin texture and elasticity. It nourishes without parabens and any harmful ingredients.

4)     Weleda Body Oils: The wild rose body oil is luxurious and smells great. It contains vitamins A, E and has therapeutic properties that promote relaxation. This particular body oil absorbs quickly and leaves your skin a bit slippery but feels like and luminous.

5)     Fresh Rice Dry Oil: This dry oil is great for tight muscles or massages. This oil contains ginseng and arnica that can help with inflammation and help relax your muscles. Soothing and great for those days when you need a little pampering.

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