A Shorts Story

It’s been a chilly spring so far, but stay positive, warm weather is just around the corner. Soon it will be time to pull out your old faithful shorts, and perhaps buy some new ones. Shorts are one item of clothing, with many different varieties and styles. Not all shorts are created equal; their trends are constantly changing, just like every other item of clothing. Here is the story on hot shorts for the upcoming hot seasons.

High-Waisted Shorts

If you are a trend follower, than you have probably already embraced high-waisted pants in the form of harem trousers and boyfriend/mom jeans. If that’s the case, than it’s not a far step to try high-waisted shorts. They accentuate the smallest part of your body – your waist – and their short length makes your legs look like they go for miles. They look incredibly cute with cropped top or even long shirts tucked in.

Image taken from the Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 RTW Collection.


Bloomers aren’t the first things that come to mind when thinking of body-flattering apparel, but somehow these oddly shaped shorts have made a comeback. Try wearing them with a floral tunic, like these ones from D&G. Or you can pair them with a button up blouse if you want to look more polished. Really though it doesn’t matter what you put on top, because if you are wearing bloomers, a.k.a a glorified diaper, it will distract they eye.

Image taken from the D&G Spring 2011 RTW Collection.

Board Shorts

If you thought you’d never be seen in board shorts, since you are neither a wake boarder, nor a 12-year-old boy, think again. The long, loose fitting shorts were all over the spring runways, including Tommy Hilfiger and Cythia Steffe. They can be worn with a jacket as part of a contemporary suit, or with pretty blouse to feminize the look. Either way, this is a trend that is worth experimenting with.

Image taken from the Cynthia Steffe Spring 2011 RTW Collection.

Lingerie Style Shorts

Wearing underwear as outerwear is a trend that has really caught on the past few seasons. Bras are clearly glimpsed beneath see-through shirts, and bustiers are all the rage. Try channeling this trend with a pair of lingerie-inspired shorts. They are pretty and feminine and perfect for spring and summer weather. There are lacey ones, like these from Stella McCartney, or loose billowy ones. Wear them with a plain top and a fitted blazer. And here’s a tip; if you are doing lingerie-inspired on the bottom, don’t do it on the top as well. You might look like you actually belong in the bedroom.

Image taken from the Stella McCartney Resort Spring 2011 Collection.

Denim Shorts

A good pair of cutoffs are a staple in any wardrobe. They can look effortless and casual when paired with a loose fitting T-shirt and a pair of wedges. For a variation on this trend, get a pair of longer, looser denim shorts, cuff them and wear them with a floral tank or a cardigan. You wont feel as exposed as when you are wearing your Daisy Dooks, but you’ll still look cute and casual. It’s a fresh take on denim. 

Image taken from the Dsquared2 Spring 2011 RTW Collection.

Sympatico Image


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