The Beauty Benefits of Using a Toner

Do you skip the toner step in your daily skincare routine? Next time, consider the benefits that facial toner offers, not only does it shrink your pores but it refreshes your skin and cleans up what your soap left behind.

Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t ditch toner:

Say goodbye to oily skin! After months of moisturizing to fend off the dry skin of winter, it is time to brace yourself for the oily summer months. If your skin glistens in the sun, it is time you thought of using toner. Opt for an alcohol-free toner so that it doesn’t remove your skins necessary oils.

Clear complexion. Toner can help you achieve that perfectly poreless look. One of the benefits of using toner is it removes whatever your facial cleanser left behind. It gets rid of any remaining makeup residue or oils that sit in your pores, giving you a clean complexion.

Refresh. Toner is your skin’s wake up call. It instantly refreshes and also works as an anti-inflammatory, waking up your skins senses and leaving behind that puffy and tired I was up all night look. Jot this down as a go-to skin hangover cure!

Not sure how to use the stuff? Here are the steps:

  • After cleansing and rinsing your skin, pat dry your face with a clean towel.
  • Apply an alcohol-free toner to a cotton pad or toner cloth and apply it to your skin (targeting problem, oily areas).
  • Follow with a moisturizer.
  • Tip: Make sure to leave your skin damp with toner when you use your moisturizer, it will help to seal in the hydrating properties.

Whether or not you use toner is up to you. Many facial cleansers on the market today do the trick on their own, but if your skin is oily and acne prone, toner can be a lifesaver and a crucial step in your skincare routine.

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