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Bold approaches to cosmetics may make up “ no pun intended “ the spring 2011 landscape, but if you’re not particularly inclined to don coloured eyeliner or to adopt orange lipstick, rest assured: you’re not alone. But while you may think the neutral face calls for a lack of foundation, concealer or even lip stain, the beauty industry has proven otherwise. Luckily, we’ve come up with the easiest way for you to rock the natural face.


Anyone in the wide world of adulthood knows that getting a full eight hours of sleep is a wonderful concept that many of us will never know. But while we can dream of a world in which our under-eye bags do not exist, concealer has granted us temporary solace, so that even on our most natural days, we don’t shock the masses with our dark circles. Thus, the first step to cosmetic neutrality is to conceal. By balancing skin tones and disappearing blemishes (by using a shade that works perfectly with your face) your skin can glow and create the perfect template.


We saw models take to the runways boasting monochromatic, two-dimensional faces that looked more Dawn of the Dead than dawn itself. And while you may not be inclined to pick out a fuchsia blush and commit to bright colours, you’ll still want to use a bronzer or blush to differentiate your cheeks and cheek bones from the rest of your face. Using a light pink or orangey shade (depending on skin tone), lightly follow the contours of your face so that you look revitalized and refreshed. And while you may be inclined to adopt the season’s monochromatic look, you’ll still want to embrace a look that suggests living.


For those of you not sold on legitimate makeup, breathe easy: with only a sheer gloss or neutral lipstick (read: nude or a shade similar to your skin tone), you can wrap up the neutral face and come across looking natural and cosmetic-free. But if you find you need an ounce of lip colour to look awake, fear not: opt for a peachy-pink shade of gloss or a stain you feel helps bring out your featres. Some of us require lip colour for survival (like this writer) and even adopting a neutral trend can’t exempt that precious rule.


Rest assured, a neutral eye abides by the natural rule pretty tightly, as you really only need to blend brown or black liner into the lashline, and top with mascara. But if you’re preventing the two-toned look of a tired girl on the go? You can opt for a shadow similar to your skin tone, and use a slightly darker shade at the crease. Despite the fact the neutral look seems relatively makeup-free, you’ll still want to make your eyes pop since regardless of what’s in, because regardless of trend, they should always be the focal point.

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