5 Most Embarrassing Beauty Woes – Solved

No matter how thorough a cleansing routine, it’s hard for anyone to predict the beauty woe that will surface next… even the most embarrassing of the bunch (hey, blackheads“ we’re talking to you!) While it’s tricky to combat problem spots before they appear, rest assured knowing that once they do, you’ll be able to fight them off just as quickly. Here’s how to rid five of our most unfortunate beauty troubles:

1. Cold sores¨
Out of all the beauty problems we can encounter, cold sores are one of the most unsightly. These blisters commonly appear on the lips and around the mouth area. They make an appearance when we’re under loads of stress, are exposed to sunlight (sunburns don’t help them either), and when we develop a fever. Once you contract the virus, it never leaves your body, but there are simple ways to keep it at bay.

Solution: Polysporin cold sore healing patch
This natural healing patch forms a protective barrier around the virus to speed up the healing process. It hides the appearance of cold sores instantly, and you can even apply makeup over the patch to conceal the blister more effectively. The patch will last throughout day, but should be kept on for 24-hours at a time“while replacing the patch every eight hours“ for the sore to diminish quickly.
Polysporin cold sore healing patch

2. Blackheads
Acne of any kind is a common beauty blunder, and still, it remains the most irritating. We’ve all mastered the act of hiding blemishes with the help of a little concealer, but when it comes ridding them permanently, the solution is less obvious. There are countless acne-fighting creams, serums, powders, patches… you name it, and it probably exists. That’s why it’s important to stick to a brand you’re familiar with. Don’t confuse your skin by rotating facial cleansers every other week.

Solution: dr. brant pores no more vacuum cleaner or Biore deep cleansing pore strips
This dr. brant product is an exfoliating mask that removes blackheads by tightening pores and soaking up excess oils. Another faithful solution is the Biore deep cleansing pore strips product. After pressing the strip on your nose, letting it sit for about 15 minutes, and peeling it off, the excess dirt and oil will pull off along with it. The strips also help reduce the appearance of pores and destroy blackheads. Both products are a more permanent solution to acne flare ups.
dr. brant pore no more vacuum cleanerBiore deep cleansing pore strips 

3. Facial Hair
Stray hairs are never welcome on a woman’s face, especially when sprouting from areas they just don’t belong! Think before you bust out a pair of tweezers or wax strips “ the last thing you want to do is promote facial irritation… and then breakout… and then witness an oh-so-horrible blemish cycle. Leave the wax strips where you found them, and use a product that is delicate on the skin.

Solution: Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo
This product removes unwanted facial hair from the upper-lip and jaw line. It does so gently, without irritating or reddening the skin. It’s a two-in-one product that features a ˜Skin Guarding Balm’, which is a wax-like substance that protects the skin from irritation. The second component is hair removal cream that you apply over the balm to remove all unwelcome facial hair.
Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

4. Yellow Teeth
Yes, we all brush, some days better than others, but sometimes our pearly whites aren’t able to reach the flawless shade we wish they would. Instead of taking your frustration out on the toothbrush, invest in a pair of white strips.

Solution: Crest two-hour white strips
It’s hard to believe that applying a single white strip, and letting it sit for two-hours, will whiten our teeth… and last for three months. Too good to be true? Not so. Each kit contains four treatments, so if you do the math, your pearls will be flashing brightly all year round. The strips won’t interfere with tooth enamel, either (that glossy coating that covers and protects our teeth.)
Crest two-hour white strips 

5. Ingrown hair
Often mistaken for blisters, ingrown hairs are red-like bumps that occur in frequently shaved areas. They are most common in places with coarse hair (like our bikini region.) When a hair curls backwards or grows sideways in the skin, it just looks strange, but may lead to scarring if the bumps reappear often enough. One way to avoid this beauty hitch is to shave carefully, but there are products that prove to be just as effective.

Solution: pfb vanish
This hair removal serum soothes skin post-shaving or waxing. Simply roll the product onto problem areas on the skin “about a day after waxing or shaving“ and the product will prevent future ingrown hair outbreaks. It contains salicylic acid, a substance that removes dead skin cells and helps destroy ingrown hairs. The vanish cream also helps improve the look of razor burn and other unwelcome rashes.
 pfb vanish

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