Sleepover Beauty Must-Haves… for When Your Date Doesn’t End After Dessert

Ah, the overnight date. Whether you’re on The Bachelorette or just had such a great time with your guy that you didn’t want your night to end, sleepover dates are often inevitable. And while sometimes you plan for them, packing an extra toothbrush in your clutch or bringing a whole bag of stuff, sometimes you just do so much laughing, talking and… well, you know… that the next thing you know you’re waking up next to him with your mascara smudged and trying to think of a creative way not to walk of shame it out of there. For those nights that you think you might end up staying over, we’ve got some beauty products and tricks to go with them.

Don’t want to bring your whole nighttime cleansing regimen with you? Completely understand (sometimes guys get scared when they see how many products it takes to get ready or un-ready at night). But if you’ve been seeing the guy on the regular and can stand the thought of being without makeup in front of him, then you really should make sure that you wash your face before bed. Stash a pack of Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes ($6, in your bag for a quick pre-bed cleanse or to freshen up your face in the morning before you head out again. It’ll get rid of your date-ready beauty in a pinch so you don’t wake up with an alarming set of raccoon eyes.

hard candy

Okay, so maybe you’re not quite ready to show off your #nomakeupselfie to your new beau. While we don’t typically condone sleeping in your makeup (we like to just keep it as that gross thing some of us pretend we don’t do), if you’re undoubtedly going to find yourself asleep with your makeup still on, then it had better stay on. Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Setting Spray ($6, available at Walmart) will make sure that your makeup doesn’t budge an inch so there are no unsightly smudges or smears or–even worse–evidence of your date-night makeup all over his pillow. Yikes. Just give your finished look a quick mist before you head out the door and your look is locked in all night long.

physicians formula

When you wake up after your nighttime rendezvous, you’re going to want to do a little quick spruce-up–especially if he’s suggesting you guys go for a long, leisurely post-coital brunch. Again, while you may not want to come armed with your entire makeup bag, your quick fix is packed into one itty-bitty box. Physician’s Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Palette ($15, has the right amount of illumination and blush for your to sprinkle on the apples of your cheeks, in the corners of your eyes and on the highlights of your face to give you a subtle, glowy pick-me-up so, you know, you don’t look like the walking dead after you didn’t get much sleep.

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