Tips for Styling Ankle Boots

When it comes to wearing ankle boots there are definitely more dos than don’ts. That’s because they are such a versatile type of shoe that go with (almost) anything! But when adapting a new trend into your current wardrobe, it often helps to have some tips on what will work best, and what to avoid. So here are some dos and don’ts for styling ankle boots this winter.

Do wear with a maxi skirt.
maxi skirt

The femininity of a maxi skirt, pairs surprisingly well with the chunkiness of the ankle boot. A semi-sheer maxi skirt is a nice look to go for, because you can see the ankle boot beneath the flowing fabric.

Don’t wear a midi pencil skirt.
pencil skirt 

Just keep your knee length pencil business skirt far away from your ankle boots. They simply aren’t meant to be together.

Do wear with a skinny jean.
skinny jean 

Skinny jeans are the perfect jean for any kind of boot, because they fit so nicely underneath without having to forcefully tuck, fold and bunch. When wearing them with your ankle boots, you can tuck them in or cuff them just above the top of the boot. 

Don’t wear with a boot cut jean.
boot cut jeans 

These jeans are certainly not cut for ankle boots. They sit awkwardly, covering half the boot, or balloon out even more awkwardly when you try to tuck them in.

Do wear with cropped, cuffed trousers.
cropped jeans 

Try pairing your ankle boots with a loose, tapered pair of trousers that sit just above the top of the ankle boot, exposing just a bit of ankle. This is the perfect way to keep those fall trousers wearable all winter long.

Don’t tuck a wider leg pant in.
wider leg 

It is possible to wear a wide leg trouser with ankle boots, but they should be either cropped above the boot, or long and wide enough to go over the boot completely. Going back to what was said about boot cut jeans, don’t try to tuck these types of pants in, because you probably wont like the way it looks.

Do wear with short skirt or dress.
short skirt 

A cute heeled ankle boot is a fun alternative to flats or pumps for daytime skirts or even nighttime party dresses. And a boot that fits loosely around the ankle can elongate the leg and make your ankles appear thinner!

Don’t wear with cropped leggings.
cropped leggings 

When worn properly and in small doses, leggings can be sleek and fashionable (sometimes), and they can go well with ankle boots. But cropped leggings are very 2006, and they will make your legs appear stubby when work with a boot like this.

Most importantly, don’t settle for just one pair.

When you purchase your first pair, you will find yourself wanting to wear them every single day (because they look amazing with most outfits), but you don’t want to wear them out, or limit yourself. The perfect excuse to go boot shopping!

And remember, these are simply guidelines, because in fashion there are always exceptions to every rule. 


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