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If there’s one thing I felt like I didn’t really need any help with, it was sweating. I’m a pretty sweaty person. I’ve made my peace with that fact (I steer clear of silk tops and always, always layer), so please, no sympathy head tilts. So when Pommellé³ Sweats asked me to try out their new […]

Alexandra Donaldson donaldson.alexandra@gmail.com Author Alex is a freelance writer and editor based in Toronto. Although she recently took up yoga in an effort to be a healthy adult, she still binge-watches cartoons on the regular and dreams of running away to a cottage in the woods. She writes regularly about fashion, beauty and wellness and you can spot her byline at CanadianLiving.com and TheWhaleAndTheRose.com. Follow her on Snapchat: alxdonaldson 29Secrets