Can This Athleticwear Brand Really Make You Sweat More?

If there’s one thing I felt like I didn’t really need any help with, it was sweating. I’m a pretty sweaty person. I’ve made my peace with that fact (I steer clear of silk tops and always, always layer), so please, no sympathy head tilts. So when Pommellé³ Sweats asked me to try out their new innovation”workout clothes that make you sweat more”I wasn’t too sure what I was getting into. Sweat more? Umm, no thanks. But I already know that sweating”even sweating profusely”can be really good for you. It’s why people practice hot yoga instead of regular yoga or head to the sauna. Sweating is one of the ways your body rids itself of toxins, so partaking in a sweat sesh is a good thing.


Founder Calvin Ng, is a Canadian apparel manufacturer. He teamed up with Connie Pugliese, a medical advisor, and Stephen Wong, one-half of the design duo Greta Constantine, to create the workout clothes. Ng decided to create the collection after suffering from a near fatal asthma attack and did some research on chemical toxicity in the body.

First impression

These workout clothes really strap you in. I typically wear a medium, and these guys were snug on me. But in a good way. Really good. My butt looked so great in the tights that I considered skipping the workout altogether. But in the name of #wellness, I carried on with the experiment. My workout of choice is yoga most days, though I prefer to practice in my living room instead of heading to a studio. Which means that unless I turn the temperature way up hot yoga isn’t something I partake in. After practicing in this outfit, however, I definitely get the benefits. I couldn’t tell right away that I was sweating more than usual”even with a more vigorous practice”but after heading to the shower after my Shavasana (the pose at the end where you just lie down and breathe”aka Corpse pose, aka the best part), I definitely realized I was more damp than usual. And then stripping off the outfit confirmed it”that tank top was wet.

How does the outfit work?

The neoprene fabric includes titanium sheeting and a closed cell structure, which generates heat as you begin to move. The result? Because you sweat more, you are allowing your body to detox (sweating removes chemicals in your body that your liver and kidneys may have trouble eliminating). The fabric is lightweight and thin, it insulates the body and generates heat”which means you sweat more without expending any more energy.

When is it available?

You can jump on board the sweaty bandwagon in May on Kickstarter”but you’ll have to wait until late next year to actually try out the goods.

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