Your Ultimate Relaxation Playlist

It’s finally the weekend. You’ve spent the last five days slaving over a job you don’t really like, running from here to there and everywhere, you’re fighting with your boyfriend, and your best friend is out of town (See: Ultimate Breakup Playlist.) Basically it has been the longest week of your life and all you wanna do is plop down on the couch with a (BIG) glass of wine, some mindless chick mags, and some great tunes. 

Oh, but what to listen to that won’t keep you wound up tighter than Katy Perry’s Friday night getup?

Important Life Lessons to Learn From Current Pop Music Videos

A good mix of mellow, happy, slow, and sweet is essential. A blend of new and old, cult classics and never-before-heards. But where ever would you find such a list of awesomeness? Ha! Look no further ladies! We have accumulated all of our “no-fail” relaxation tunes into one list, just for you!

Download this list, plug in your iPod, and let the world slip away! Bliss guaranteed!

1. Hometown Glory “ Adele

2. Banana Pancakes “ Jack Johnson

3. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay “ Otis Redding

4. Everywhere I Go “ Lissie

5. I Won’t Let You Go “ James Morrison

6. The Way I Am “ Ingrid Michaelson

7. Everlong (acoustic version) “ the Foo Fighters 

8. A Thousand Miles “ Vanessa Carleton

9. Belief “ Gavin DeGraw

10. I Love You Just The Way You Are “ Billy Joel

11. The Long Day Is Over “ Norah Jones

12. Trouble “ Ray Lamontagne

13. Landslide “ The Dixie Chicks

14. I’m on Fire “ John Mayer (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

15. Arms “ Christina Perri

16. Warwick Avenue “ Duffy

17. Fix You “ Coldplay

18. Sweet Disposition “ Ellie Goulding (Temper Trap cover)

19. Santa Monica “ Jay Malinowski

20. White Blank Page “ Mumford & Sons

21. Hotel Song “ Regina Spektor

22. The Blower’s Daughter “ Damien Rice

23. My Cherie Amour “ Stevie Wonder

24. The Dreamer “ The Tallest Man on Earth

25. Somewhere Only We Know “ Keane

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