Why You Should Be Lifting Weights

One of the worst myths in the fitness world is that lifting weights will turn you into a Hulk-esque female, devoid of shape and all those fabulous womanly curves.

This. Is. Wrong.

Wanna know why? Listen up as we dish the dirt on why you should be lifting weights…


You’ll burn more calories

Not only does weight training help you burn more calories during your workout (you’ll burn between 100-200 calories in just ten minutes of circuit training, compared to about twenty minutes of cardio), but believe it or not, lifting weights actually helps you burn more calories, even after you’ve finished working out. How is this, you ask? Because after you strength train, your muscles need to repair themselves and in order to do so they need to burn energy.


You’ll lose more fat

Research has proven that both cardio and weight training (or really, any exercise at all) greatly aid in the weight loss process. The difference is that those who add weight training to their weekly fitness, in comparison to those who only do cardio, will burn less muscle and more fat leading to a leaner look and a stronger-looking overall physique.


You’ll be a better person

Who doesn’t want to feel happier, healthier, and less stressed out, right? Long standing research has already shown that regular exercise can help pump up your endorphins (those awesome little neurotransmitters that turn our frowns upside down), but now research is also showing that the stronger you get during said workouts the better your overall mood will be and the better you are able to deal with stressful situations.


Your bones will be stronger

As women, one thing we should constantly be concerning ourselves with is the quality of our bones. No matter what age we’re at, even before those all-important menopausal years, our bone density is already starting to deplete. Kick your odds of osteoporosis in the rear by starting your weight training now. Research has shown that not only can it help maintain bone mass over time, but it can also help build new bone.


You’ll feel empowered

Pssh, what has a man got that you don’t? Nothing girl! Not only does weight training help you build awesome amounts of strength to show up the boys, but it also does wonders for improving your overall self-esteem and confidence. Plus, you’d be amazed how many guys find it super sexy to see a woman challenging themselves in the free weights section of the gym.

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