Selena Gomez Loves a Good Sale

Selena Gomez may be raking it in, but she sure isn't a big spender. The singer and actress says she doesn't even want to know how much her red carpet looks cost. And, thanks to loaners from designers, she doesn't ever need to look at the price tag. 

"I don't even want to know how much they usually cost, but it's been really fun for me to dress up and get to meet different designers," Gomez said. "I don't think I could ever actually purchase a huge gown unless it's my wedding dress!" 

When it comes to her own clothing line, the Dream Out Load collection for Kmart, Gomez is happy to provide low-cost designs for her fans. 

"I always make sure that it's accessible for everyone to enjoy," she said. "I've been working with the collection since I was about 17, so I feel like the older I get, the more my fashion evolves as well." 

However, that doesn't mean the 21-year-old is completely immune to a big splurge every once in a while. She recalls one trip to the Dolce & Gabbana store in Paris. 

"I remember being really young and obsessed with Dolce, and I did buy a pair of black heels in Paris one time. They were cute, strappy, little heels. Sometimes you just have to!" 

Nowadays, Gomez sports a more eclectic mix of clothes, from the expensive gifts she receives from designers, to the items she picks out herself on sale racks. 

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