Why You Need to Book a Vacation Right Now

Vacation may sound like a distant memory, especially if you’re just starting your career, saving up for real-estate or just plain trying to be an adult and pay off your debts, but it can offer more benefits than the obvious. After leaving one career on a Friday and jumping into the next one on a Monday, I realized 10 months into my new gig that I hadn’t had an actual day off (with the exception of civic holidays) in well over a year. Needless to say, I was burnt out.

After countless conversations with my partner about whether or not we’d rent a cottage up north, go on a ski vacation out west or simply have a stay-cation in Toronto, we never came to a conclusion and kept thinking we’d wait and save for something bigger and better. We ended up abruptly booking a flight to Costa Rica after we’d both had difficult work days, and with that, came a wave of newfound energy and motivation. When my confirmation email came in moments later with my flight itinerary, I felt like a new person and wish I had booked a vacation sooner.

Now, your vacation doesn’t need to involve flying to a faraway country you’ve never been before”it can be as simple as renting an Airbnb just outside of the city for an extended weekend, planning a week at a friend’s cottage or even just taking a couple days off and relaxing at home. Whatever your budget or time-off allows, here are the reasons why you need to book a vacation into your schedule now.

You’ll be more motivated at work

While we all want to be all-star employees, it’s common to have days where we’re just not feeling it. Booking a vacation”and strategically putting it in your work calendar”will offer the extra motivation to get through a gruelling work day. Plus, depending on how long you’ll be gone for, it will force you to get organized and stay on schedule so that you’re not bombarded when you get back.  

You’ll find the time for fitness

Even if you’re not booking a beach vacation, we all want to look and feel our best when we’re off the clock. When you have a date booked, it will be the extra push you need to squeeze in time for the gym, whether it’s dusting off your old gym membership or trying some fun new classes. Plus, you’ll have an excuse to get some new swimwear for the summer, too. 

Your budget will be on point

Even if you’re embracing a stay-cation, you’ll inevitably incur some extra costs. Having that vacation locked into your schedule will be a reminder to stay within your budget so you can have more flexibility while indulging in your time off.

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