5 Unique Fitness Classes in Toronto

Is your New Year’s resolution to get fit, try a unique class and step outside of your comfort zone? Toronto has a perfect selection of exciting classes to try that will get your heart rate up, and in some cases, your libido. If you’re like me (and Ash, apparently), and are continually looking for ways to trick yourself into working out, signing up for a unique class with a friend is the perfect way to reignite your love affair with the gym (and your butt). 


Who says you can’t workout and advance your career at the same time? Sweatworking, the ultimate two-in-one for productivity, is the newest fitness trend that started with our American neighbours and has worked its way up to Toronto. While the spandex-induced networking sessions are still awaiting a concrete schedule, there have been a few classes offered throughout 2015, hosted by Smart Girls Sweat. The structure can change depending on the class, but the main idea is a group workout to start (think HIIT cardio, plyometrics and weight training) followed by healthy snacks and a keynote speaker. After you’ve sweated it out and been inspired, the floor is open to networking.  


If you’ve watched Blue Crush on repeat and are fully aware of the ladies (and men’s) rock hard bodies, you’ll know surfing is one of the best workouts. And while we aren’t lucky enough to live in Hawaii and live in bikinis all day (queue bad winter in Canada joke), Surfset in Toronto has brought their surfboards into a gym setting to help get you a rock hard surf bod. Get access to a full body workout, and learn real surf moves to prep you for hitting the waves down South. 

Stiletto Strip

Are you looking to spice up the bedroom and your workout? Stiletto Strip is the perfect combo. Have fun, be sexy, and learn some new moves for between the sheets. Dress code? A men’s oversized white shirt, tie and heels. To quote their site, this class is 90% flirty and 10% dirty.

Twerk it out

Yes, the class is called “Twerk It Out.” Do you really need more convincing? Designed to embrace the inner Iggy Izalea in us all, this class is focused on one thing: your booty. Get your heart rate up all while listening to the best tunes to shake your booty with strangers. 

Hula Hooping

Whether you’re interested in honing in your skills for Way Home music festival next summer or toning your abs for your upcoming all-inclusive, hula hooping classes will get you there. High intensity, always challenging and definitely sexy, hula hooping will be sure to engage your core and have fun doing it.

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