How to Be a Grownup: Having a Birthday Party

It is birthday season friends! Statistically more babies are born in July (including both me and our great country Canada) and August than any other months. Thanks cold Canadian winter for the celebration summers!

I am finding myself at an age where I am not sure how to celebrate. It is this weird limbo where we aren’t inviting the whole class over for a sleepover and your mom isn’t throwing you a Spice Girls themed surprise party (this is a real life thing that a friend of mine got in elementary school and I was WILDLY jealous). But I also don’t necessarily want to do the party all night up in the club, go shawty, sip Bacardi kind of birthday party either. 

What does that leave me?

My best birthday in recent memory was when I booked out a giant table in the back of one of my favourite restaurants and invited everyone I liked the best. I was actually a little shocked at how many of people actually showed up. I managed to have both of my sisters, all of my best friends and even some cool people from out of town who trekked in just to see me turn 25. It made for a great night, with great food and a great group of people. For real, I have some pretty cool friends.

If food with friends isn’t your jam, here are some other ideas for your most grown up best birthday ever.

Go nostalgic

Throw YOURSELF a Spice Girls themed surprise party (I might be seriously considering this one for next year). Get on eBay and find that gum that came with Spice Girls temporary tattoos, dress up in your best spice costume and spice up your dang life. Maybe serve spiced cake and spicy curry? Maybe not. Maybe I just need to eat lunch…

Go on a field trip

Make your pals take you to the nearest amusement park or organize a trip to the zoo. Spend your birthday in a fun place with fun activities and fun people.

Go outside

Pack a picnic, play bocce or croquet, hit the beach, sit on a patio. Enjoy this summer birthday you’ve been blessed with and make your day as sunny and relaxing as possible. Pro tip: don’t invite anyone named Heather.heathers

Keep it simple

Make plans with only the best of the best. Make a big batch of sangria and have a night in with a few pals. Have everyone bring snacks, put on a good movie or have yourselves a dance party.

Birthday plans don’t have to be grand or complicated. Just make sure you do what you want to do and the people you love will gladly join in just to celebrate with you. And if they don’t, you should get cooler friends. But also feel free to invite me because I get unreasonably excited about other people’s birthdays.

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