Best Fall Classes in Toronto to Up Your Career Game

Just because you’re not heading back to school this year (or haven’t for the better part of a decade now), doesn’t mean you can’t still brush up on some new skills or expand your skill-set. Fall doesn’t have to imply back-to-school for only those under 22 (or in a grad program)”it’s also applicable to those pursuing, or already in, a successful and rewarding career. Taking a class can provide you with an extra advantage at work, or an extra skill that’ll give you an edge when looking for a new job. Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of classes to take in Toronto (both free and paid, for an hour or a few weeks) that will help improve your career


If you work (or want to work) in the digital space, whether it be digital marketing or coding beautiful websites, Brainstation is where you’ll want to start your class search. They tout themselves as lifelong learners, and they empower professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs with hands on, digital skills to launch themselves into the next stage of growth. In Toronto (with an office in Vancouver as well), they’re located behind Quantum Coffee (serious bonus), and have a very hands-on, approachable take on education. They have a large group area behind the coffee shop where you can have a coffee and work remotely, and upstairs is where the magical classes take place. The classes are designed to be collaborative, and the instructors are generally working in the field. From digital marketing to product development to user experience design”check out their offerings. You’re sure to find something for you.

Toronto Public Library

The Toronto Library system frequently goes without proper recognition. I know it always works out in my favour (lineups are already quite long and class registration is nearly always impossible to get into) but you’d be surprised all that they offer. For free. The library has anything from personal finance classes to small business classes and even a 3D printer certification (and yes you can use the free 3D printer afterwards). Their Digital Innovation Hub is a great place to start if you’re looking to up your digital skills”whether it’s learning how to code, all about robotics or even how to use Photoshop. My one suggestion? Try to register as soon as registration goes live, these classes are popular and fill up quickly.


Looking for tech skills? Bitmaker offers hands-on classes for anything tech related. While they’re more dedicated to the coding and development side of web development, they also have an intro class to Digital Marketing if that’s what you’re after. With full time and part time options available, there will be a class that fits your schedule and your budget.

Humber Continuing Education

While there are plenty of unique spots to take a class in Toronto, we can’t forget we still have access to all the local colleges and universities that offer continuing education programs. Humber College has a ton of options to choose from, from learning about communications and information technology to graphic design or publishing. Attending a college is a great option if you’re applying to a job that may require certification and grades to get you in the door.

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