Avoid the Patio Paunch

Summer is finally here and the weather is looking b-e-a-uuuuutiful, which means you’ve probably already hit up a patio or two (and if you haven’t then you need to seriously reconsider your priorities). But with that patio comes beer, sangria, nachos and allll that other good food and libations, which means that patio paunch isn’t far behind. That little tummy that starts poking out around late-July reminding you that you probably didn’t need that extra drink. But how to get rid of that and avoid seeing it again? We’ve got you covered.

Take a probiotic

Probiotics are great because they help to regulate the good stuff in your gut. Without getting too—er, TMI—it helps you digest everything, while also regulating all of the stuff in your digestive system so you can… process… food better, preventing it from sitting and building up inside of you. Also really great for those people who are lactose intolerant, it actually helps build up your tolerance a bit so you can maybe have one or two nachos without your friends running for the hills (from one cheese addict to another).

Drink lots of water (and then a little bit more)

You know how people are always talking about the mysterious fountain of youth? Well guess what? It’s water. Water is a miraculous thing—from keeping your skin clear to regulating your metabolism and to helping flush out all of those nasty toxins in your body, water is your best friend. Especially in the hot summer months, up your water intake to at least 10 cups a day. Not only will this keep you super hydrated (especially if you’re partaking in day drinking on the patio), but also it’ll help keep that digestive system moving and your metabolism flowing. Plus, you’ll be peeing like every 10 seconds anyway, so hopefully all the sugary stuff in the booze won’t stick around for too long.

Avoid carbonated drinks

This is so much easier said than done when summer rolls around (essentially the unofficial season of beer), but we all know what carbonated drinks can do to us—often we’re left feeling bloated and uncomfortable and full. Not to mention, most of the carbonated drinks you’re sipping (unless it’s plain ol’ carbonated water—that’s okay) are likely full of refined sugar, which just contributes to that itty-bitty summer weight gain. If you can, avoid the sugary, bubbly stuff (yes, even the prosecco—sorry), or at least drink them in moderation so they don’t come back to bite you (or add to your) in the ass.

Get your fitness on

Okay, sure. You spent the latter half of that marathon winter and most of spring getting your ass into shape, but don’t stop there. If you want to give yourself a break for the summer then reduce how frequently you work out (or switch it up to something more outdoor friendly), but make sure to stay on your game otherwise that tummy will come creeping back in. 

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