8 Canadian-Based Books to Read this Month

In honour of Canada’s birthday on July 1st, we’re pulling our favourite Canadian reads off our bookshelves for the month of July. Whether you want a great cottage read or just feel like celebrating your Canuck side, pick up one of these set-in-Canada novels in July. Happy birthday, Canada!

Some of our picks are classics, some are new – but all are worth reading and all celebrate great Canadian settings.

The Birth House
One of our favourite summer reads is by Ami McKay, and it focuses on a young woman in an isolated Nova Scotia town who becomes a midwife’s apprentice. It’s a book all about women and their ability – or at least desire – to control what happens to their own bodies.

Hey Nostradamus!
Douglas Coupland’s oevre includes lots of books set in Canada. Hey Nostradamus! is set in suburban Vancouver and is all about a fictional school shooting, seen first-person through the eyes of a number of teens in different life situations.

When a local professor throws himself into Lake Ontario, leaving behind a slew of mysteries, his widow sets herself up in a hotel room overlooking the lake and a Toronto construction site. Through the novel, by Michael Redhill, she tries to vindicate her husband.

Looking for an action book? This tale by Lisa Moore follows a jail-escapee in 1978. He embarks on a cross-Canada road trip that’s full of adventure, from looking for lost love to trying to pull off more crime.

The Imposter Bride
This novel by Nancy Richler, set in Montreal, follows Ruth, a Jewish woman growing up in the 1950s. Abandoned by her Russian-immigrant mother after the Second World War, the novel is an interesting look at immigrants recovering in different ways in their new homes.

The Call of the Wild
Another classic – although written by American Jack London, this is one of the best-loved tales about the Klondike Gold Rush. Read it on a hot day when you need to cool down! The snowy Yukon scenes, focusing on sled dogs and their treatment in the Yukon at the time, will truly give you chills.

The Stone Angel
Margaret Laurence is one of Canada’s best-respected authors. She’s Canadian through-and-through and so is her writing. The Stone Angel, read in many high schools, follows an aging woman in a remote prairie town, trying to make one last push for freedom and independence in her life.

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