6 Food and Fitness Date Ideas That are Good for Your Health

It can be hard to have a social life and stay in shape, especially when everyone around you is doing more of the social part, so why not do both at the same time? Whether you’re meeting up with that dude from Tinder or that girl from Bumble, here are a few fun date ideas that are good for your health and reward you for your hard work. And if the dude turns out to be a total douche? At least you got a good workout in.

Barre and brunch

If you have been meaning to try out the barre trend, throw your hair into a bun, grab some leg warmers (because when else can you wear leg warmers?) and go with a couple girlfriends. Then you can head to brunch to catch up over French toast and lattes.

CrossFit and coffee

Going to a CrossFit class with your guy is the perfect date for showing off those toned arms and strong core you have been working on and getting a read on his fitness because, you know, guys that can flip tires are hot. After, you can grab coffee and talk training.

Barbells and beers

If that guy from Tinder knows his way around a set of barbells (let’s be honest, there’s a reason you swiped right), ask him to teach you how to lift. And if you already you’re your own lifting routine, have him give you pointers on your form. Then you can go out for beers and talk about bulking or something.

Pilates and pinot 

If you need some inspiration to get your ass to that pilates class (those crisscross crunches are no joke), make a date to go with a girlfriend. Then find a patio where you can show off your cute workout outfit, down a couple glasses of pinot and toast to never taking a pilates class again.

Cycling and chardonnay

There’s something so romantic about riding your bike out to a vineyard in the country with a picnic basket and a bottle of chardonnay. Not feeling quite that adventurous? Do a couple laps around the park, lay out a blanket, pop the cork on that chardonnay and call it a day.

Vinyasa and vegan

Sure, you can meet a girlfriend for yoga and green juice any time but bringing a new guy to your vinyasa class and then out for vegan food is a great way to find out how open-minded he is. I mean, let’s be honest, if he’s not down for kundalini and a kale salad, he’s probably not the one.

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