Survey Shows Dads Might Make Better Partners

Looking for a partner who is responsible, patient and willing to give you unconditional love? You might want to date a dad. According to a survey conducted by mature dating site LoveAgain, the life skills that result from raising kids might make a man a better romantic partner. Of the 1,500 fathers interviewed in North America, 94% believe that being a dad has amped up their game in the dating world.  

If you don't mind the idea of some increased kiddie contact in your life, getting romantically involved with a dad means enjoying a partner who has great values (77% boast responsibility, patience, and unconditional love – and we can think of a ton more), and also that the relationship will last longer. Fifty-nine percent of dads say they want a steady relationship.

Proud papas will give you the respect you deserve. Seventy-six percent of dad's say that fathering girls makes them more aware of how they treat women, and 91% say that they want to set an example for how a man should treat a woman. (Remember when Jay Z promised to stop using the b-word in his lyrics after his daughter was born? Apparently sometimes it takes having a kid to learn how to treat a lady). 

As promising as all this sounds, dad skills won't do much to make a man any smoother. Twenty-nine percent of dads say they take actually dating advice from their kids before going on a date. (If he suggests the roller rink, move on to the next. Unless you're into that.) Aside from some questionable dating advice, dating a dad might be tricky if you can't deal with not coming first in his life, or if you can't handle the ex factor.

But, in case you're just freaked out about becoming "the evil stepmother," don't get ahead of yourself – half of dads try to keep their relationship quiet from their kids at least until it gets serious, and 59% of Dads' say they wouldn't pick a partner based on who their kids prefer. 

If you hook up with a dad, don't forget to give him some extra TLC on Fathers' Day, June 16th!  

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