5 Office Resolutions for Your Overall Health

Why wouldn’t you want to make a resolution that revolve around the place that you spend 75 per cent of your time from Monday to Friday? Want to make a bid to get healthy this year? To take better care of yourself? Your office is one of the best place to start. Here are five ways you can start this year.

Set a reminder to move

When you’re down to the wire it’s tough to recognize that you have been sitting immobile for hours on end. Set alarms on your phone that will go off once every hour and a half to remind you to get up and move. Even if it’s just a quick five minutes around your office building, it will get you moving and give your brain (and your back!) a break from the strain.

Keep water on hand at all times

Keep a reusable water bottle at your desk that you can refill frequently throughout the day. Not only is water great for keeping you hydrated and energized but it also a great way to fend off hunger pangs and prevent you from snacking too much throughout the day.

And then drink it before coffee

Drinking water throughout your morning not only helps rev up your metabolism but it also help keep you from a caffeine dependency. Push yourself to keep drinking water until you really must have coffee and then limit yourself to one cup before lunch time. Stick with H2O after lunch to prevent late-night sleep issues that will only perpetrate the cycle.

Wash your hands (a lot)

No really, we’re talking about a lot. Especially during the winter months when it seems like everyone has a cold or the flu, washing your hands at any opportunity is the best way to prevent catching any of these illnesses yourself and keeping those around you healthy as well. Tip: make sure you keep some awesome scented hand cream at your desk to stay moisturized from all the washing.

Get on a ball

Swap out your chair for a stability ball in the afternoons. Not only will it help combat that midday slump but it will also help improve your overall posture and strengthen your core “ both of which will help prevent though pesky back problems that tend to plague office workers.

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