29 Things You Think About When You’re Running Outside

While some people make their workout look effortless, we’re willing to bet that we’re not the only ones who feel like a hot mess during a sweaty run. In the event that you’re not focusing on your breathing and stride, here are some things that may cross your mind while you’re running outside.

1. Do I have that angry Adele song on my running playlist?

2. Will I have to wash my hair after this?

3. Is this shirt stinky from last time?

4. If I want to run 10km, I just have to run 5km twice. Or 2.5km four times. So really, it’s not that bad.


6. It’s already been a kilometre, so I’m pretty close to being almost halfway done.

7. Does my butt jiggle too much?

8. That guy’s really hot.

9. Oh, no he’s not, but his dog is cute.

10. Could I date someone I didn’t like if I REALLY like their dog?

11. Does that make me a terrible person?

12. OHH an ice cream truck!

13. A bug just flew in my mouth. Must keep mouth closed.

14. Does my butt look weird in these shorts?

15. Why is no one else this sweaty?

16. My shoelace is coming undone, but if I just do a weird kicky thing I don’t think I’ll trip over it.

17. I have to pee.

18. Don’t. trip. over. shoelace.

19. That girl’s butt doesn’t jiggle AND her hair isn’t a disaster.

20. Ok, seriously, stop and tie your shoes.

21. I’m halfway done, so basically already done.

22. If the ice cream truck is still there after this, it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

23. Look at me being active! I should definitely post this on Instagram.

24. Which hashtags should I use?

25. I should probably stick to the side streets so that no one finds out I run like a drunken antelope.

26. I bet I look like Phoebe from Friends right now.

27. Maybe I’ll just watch a few episodes on Netflix when I get home.


29. I am pretty much the most successful adult for exercising.

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