Stress Beaters

Are you a stress eater? Stress is inevitable, but many of us don’t realize that we pack our already stressful lives with even more unnecessary stress through simple oversights and bad habits. Read on for ways to beat the stress in your life.

Get Lots of Sleep

A bad night’s sleep will affect the day ahead, amplifying whatever daily stress you already have. Fatigue will make you less responsive and more likely to get overwhelmed, which will hinder your ability to manage your daily workload. Getting enough sleep will ensure you have abundant energy to handle the day ahead.

Time Management

Buy yourself a day planner and use it. Writing things down will not only help you remember important appointments and due dates, it will help you plan ahead and work out how much time you will need to complete assignments. Even though the various projects you have to complete may be stressful, by managing your time properly, you will not be creating unnecessary stress by having to rush to finish your work.

Stomach Stress

A stressful life means erratic eating patterns. Either you are rushing and eating junk, or you don’t have enough time to eat and starve yourself all day only to overeat once you get home. But making time to eat a proper balanced diet will elevate your mood and raise your energy levels, thus reducing stress.

Lower Blood Pressure in Six Seconds

Next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed try this: Breath in deeply through your nose then exhale slowly through pursed lips for six seconds. This little trick instantly lowers your blood pressure, calms you down, and readjusts your focus. Repeat as needed.

Control Freak-out

There are things in your life you will not be able to control. It is important not to let them add to the stress to your life. If you can’t control something, accept that you can’t and find ways to make the situation work for you.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Not being able to control the uncontrollable may make you feel like you have to micromanage everything else in your life. Even the simplest problem can become an enormous burden making your stress level skyrocket. Just like letting go of the uncontrollable in your life, it is important to let go of the small things as well. Both add unnecessary stress you just don’t need. 

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