Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Date

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken, investing in the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit is a must. Whether it’s just a casual movie date or romantic dinner for two, use these tailored looks for outfit inspiration on what to wear on the day of love! (Rule of thumb for all outfits: must have a least one red, or red-ish, item).

Perfect for hanging out with a friend or a no-strings-attached first date, your outfit should be equal parts comfort and stylish. Pairing a sleek, fitted pair of black leather pants or skinny colored jeans with a loose flowing blouse will make you feel and look effortlessly put together – minus the effort. Play with patterns such as floral, checkered and graphics to make the outfit a little more chic. 

Casual Valentine's Day Outfit

Outfit: Pants ($18.80), Blouse ($19.99 – on sale), Mid-Heel Shoes ($80)
Wear to: Theatre, Café©, Bowling
Red item: Skinny pants


Girl’s Night Out
Take advantage of your single status this Valentine’s and plan a night out with the girls – no boys allowed! Aim for an outfit, which is semi-dressy, since you’ll want to take a good variety of selfies and pictures throughout the night. Focus on simple dresses and combining staple pieces like jeans and a feminine tee. For the hair, messy updos and side braids are always a nice touch. If you’re going to a bar or party with the potential to mix and mingle with other singles, notch up the sexy factor with mid-heels or stilettos.

Outfit: Dress ($19.95), Studded Clutch ($20.94 – on sale)
Wear to: Dinner, Bar, Club
Red item: Clutch


Fun times
If you’re planning a more active and engaging date – i.e. ice-skating – a double-duty outfit, which offers ease of movement and comfort is the best option. Don’t worry – you can still look great by using pops of colors and layering it up – especially if it is extremely cold. Chunky cardigans, oversized scarfs and beanies are reliable winter staples and great additions to basic black yoga pants.

Outfit: Sports Top ($17.95), Leggings ($12), Beanie ($24.95 – on sale)
Wear to: Ice skating, rollerblading, outside show or festival
Red item: Beanie


For an all-traditional Valentine’s date, it’s always best to stick to a LRD (little red dress). Yes, wearing all over red may remind you when you used to dress up in all red from head-to-toe in elementary school, but there is nothing more sophisticated, sexy and sensual than a bold, red dress. Depending on your style you may want to go flirty with a cocktail style or sexier with a hugging body con number. Let the dress speak for itself and go for dainty accessories rather than heavy statement pieces.

Outfit: Dress ($74.99 – on sale), Necklace ($42 – on sale), Bracelet ($5.99)
Wear to: Dinner for two, elegant party
Red item: Dress

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