The Originals Episode 11 Recap: Apré¨s Moi, Le Déluge

We’re getting another history lesson this week, all about how witches came to power in New Orleans.  This week, Elijah’s our teacher. He has some personal experience with powerful witches, afterall.
Elijah is telling Hayley all about witches around the world. “Over the centuries, vampires have fought them and fought beside them. Bedded them and burned them.” He tells her their ancestral magic rules New Orleans but there has never been an all-powerful witch until Davina.
And poor little Davina (okay, I do have some sympathy for her now) is throwing up soil because Celeste is being dug up, although Marcel and Klaus don’t know this, so they’re baffled (wouldn’t you be, if you saw someone chocking up chunks of dirt?) and are even moreso when the earth around them starts to shake, too.
Hayley admits everything to Elijah, who heads out to find Sophie wielding Celeste’s bones she dug up. Sophie plans to use them to gain power as an elder and then complete the harvest ritual. 
Apparently, if the ritual is not completed, the earth will fight back through Davina to destroy her and the whole city around her, element by element. First, earthquakes. Then, wind. Next, water. Finally, fire – the most powerful stage. 
Nobody wants to see their city burned to the ground, so they all agree, although reluctantly, that Davina must be sacrificed for the harvest again.
But that doesn’t last long for Marcel, who busts Davina out of the vamp home to save her once again.
When Elijah asks Sabine to do a locator spell to find her, Sabine says Davina is “hemorrhaging magic,” which sounds disgusting, but is supposed to imply she’s felt everywhere across the city and so difficult to pinpoint. Sophie is just across the cemetery consecrating Celeste’s bones to the earth to try to take on her power. 
When that doesn’t work, the witches think all is lost unless they can find “some other super powerful witch whose bones were never consecrated” and ta-da! Lightbulb moment… Mrs. Mikaelson, a.ka. mama witch, the most powerful witch in history, will do just fine. Elijah just needs to get her bones from the basement (how convenient).
In the end, Davina essentially sacrifices herself. Sophie uses mama Mikaelson’s power to complete the harvest and the earthly destruction ends. But the girls don’t wake up.
Marcel freaks out and Klaus actually consoles him quite nicely. It's that peek at actually feelings we don't get very often from Klaus.
Rebekkah’s thinking about something more important, though. If the four girls didn’t rise, where did all the power go?
At the end, we get our answer. Three older vampires rise from their graves and walk right out of the cemetery. Sabine is performing some kind of ritual, so we think it’s her doing. But then we get the real truth: she’s not even Sabine, she’s just someone else inhabiting her body. She’s Celeste.
And bam! There’s a new villain in town. 
Huh? The girls whose throats were slit for the harvest ritual months ago haven’t rotted at all? Their bodies remain in perfect condition in limbo? And why does it bother the vampires so much to see Davina’s throat cut? They’ve seen and done much worse.
Big changes: Hayley now owns the title to the plantation, 
File away for future: Rebekkah approaches Sophie about an alliance… she’s getting all the ladies on her side! She wants Sophie to stand by her and fight against Marcel and Klaus once the witches have all their power back.
A thought: Doesn’t it seem like an exceptionally long time since Hayley got pregnant? What’s the gestation period for a were-vamp-baby? 

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