An Amy Schumer Book is Coming

Remember that scene in Twister where Philip Seymour Hoffman realizes the tornado is heading for the drive-in? And he says — very dramatically — “It’s coming! It’s heading right for us!” before running into the auto garage? Of course you do. It’s amazing. It’s a scene that runs through my head at least every day, but especially on days like this because I have chosen to accept it for good and for evil. Today, it’s the former. (So just to clarify: good.)

Yes friends, Amy Schumer is finally giving us a book.

While Publishers Weekly first reported the news and/or rumours last week, EW has now confirmed that the comedian has indeed been shopping around a book of essays (to explore everything from childhood to feminism to comedy, obviously), and on Friday fetched between $8-$10 million for it. This, of course, is unsurprising when you think of how in-demand Schumer is, as well as how thorough the book-shopping process was: editors had to bid on the book to even get a meeting with Amy.

Unfortunately for us, that’s all the details we have until the official announcement goes down. But considering the Train Wreck star/mastermind just walked away with an Emmy for Inside Amy Schumer (after breaking records with this summer’s release of Train Wreck), the timing couldn’t be better. Especially since her comedy continues to be so open, so honest, and consistently evolving. (That, as we know, is the recipe for the perfect type of memoir, too. Who wants anything contrived or perfect? Nope! No thank you. Get out.)

Of course, this still means we probably won’t get Amy’s book for another year or so — but that’s fine because, a) take your time everyone, nobody wants a rushed book (JK I will still take it), and b) Amy and Jennifer Lawrence are working on something else for us: a movie.

“Jennifer sent me a really sweet text,” Schumer said during the post-awards press scrum on Sunday. “She said that I looked pretty, but not smart.”

“[Lawrence] is the real-deal funny,” she continued. “My sister Jen and I wrote a movie together so we’re gonna hopefully be shooting that in a year or something. We’re busy!”

So, look: we all win. We win when we get good memoirs, we win when we get funny movies, we win when we’ve got collaborations we probably wouldn’t have thought about a year ago, and we win when you guys get a post from me totally fanning about everything I just mentioned.

Even though, for the record, I am currently reading a memoir about Judi Dench. Who I would love to see collaborate with the above-mentioned women, too.

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