How Does Zoe Saldana Stay in Shape?

Zoe Saldana stunned in a custom-made Prabal Gurung dress at the 2014 Golden Globes and it made us think, how does she get her fabulous body? Well, we have the answer!

Saldana has always had a love for dance, she’s studied ballet, jazz and latin dance for over ten years. So, when she feels like working out, she’ll hit the dancefloor. “I think it is always healthy for everyone to dance,” says Saldana about her workout. She also always makes an effort to walk if she does not have time to hit the gym. “When I am not working out, I am always moving,” she says. When she is training for a movie she prefers a certain workout. “When am doing a movie, I like to keep [my workout] very Pilates driven because it keeps the muscles elongated and it doesn't pull too much tension,” she explains.

There you have it! For more tips on how Saldana stays fit, watch the video below:

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