The Importance of Taking “Me Time”

Whether you’re recovering from a long weekend, catching up on overdue projects or delving into back-to-school madness, there’s still one thing to keep on top of that to-do pile: me time. And while you won’t always have the hours to put aside for a walk, a book or a large bag of Smartfood, taking a few minutes per day is essential to maintaining your sanity. Thus, here’s why you need to make it happen.

Breakdown prevention 
No matter how much you love your job, your classes or your family, if you don’t take some time away from each (or every) per day, you’ll hit the point of needing a break “ long after you may have wanted one. Whether it was at the office or at school, we’ve all experienced those moments of breakdown as a result of stress, and if you don’t stop to take a breather “ even if it’s just leaving the building for a cup of tea “ you may find yourself so frazzled you’ll need a lot longer than just a few minutes to recover.

Know thyself
The quarter-life (or mid-life) crisis seems often caused by the realization that we’ve lost touch with everything we once held dear – so to keep yourself on the straight and narrow, take a few minutes (or an hour or so every week) to touch base with your goals and your wants, and to ensure that you’re happy with who you are. Yes, it sounds cliché©. But if you lose touch with what makes you you, the risk of the dreaded who am I? What am I doing? meltdown only rises.

In the loop
If you’re still trying to justify taking some time for yourself every day, use the excuse of staying up-to-date as your reason to breathe and indulge in you-time. Confused? Maybe you want to use your hour to watch trailers for the upcoming award season. Perhaps you’d like to treat yourself to the September Issue for a better idea of what to wear this fall. One person’s downtime is another person’s research, so to squash any protests, remember that pop culture exists for a reason, and you’re entitled to indulge in it.

What you deserve
You may owe your boss a proposal or your professor a paper, but above all, you owe yourself the luxury of taking a breather when you need it. As mentioned, only a cup of tea or a quick walk around the block is often enough while in the midst of to-do pile build-up, and to keep your mental and emotional self in the best possible state, it’s crucial to recharge, refuel and tear yourself away from your responsibilities.

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