Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends

Summer may be the most inspirational of all the seasons. The sun stays out a little longer and”the best part”we get to play with a whole new wardrobe. Read on to see what fashion trends are standouts this season.

1. Hot Pants and Boy Shorts.
If ever there was a time to hit the gym and tone your legs, it’s now! Hem lines are creeping up; hot pants, boy shorts and tap pants are all variations on this look.

2. Knee-High and Over-the-Knee Socks.
Because temperatures will soon hit the double digits again, knee high boots will be replaced with the lighter fabric of socks. And there are many ways to wear this look: sporty, sparkly, or layered over tights.

3. Sheer Fabrics.
We blame it on the heat, but spring and summer styles tend to get a little more revealing. Think tight, sheer pieces, layering and delicate feminine draping. This look is also responsible for inspiring lingerie as outwear (tastefully, of course).

4. Boyfriend Blazers.
This wardrobe staple carries over into spring because it really is the pinnacle of style. A slightly oversized blazer with rolled up sleeves is the perfect look for a casual spring day.

5. Patterned and Printed.
Get ready to see some very colourful lower halves. Floral, abstract and bold patterns are dominating the spring runways. Skirts and pants are getting a little more lively this season, so bring along your great personality to match.

6. Denim.
Denim continues its quest for domination with ripped and patched jeans making a comeback. There’s a look for everyone, so if you’re not into the ripped or shredded style, go for a patched-up version. Keep your eyes out for denim dresses too.

7. Trench Coats.
This classic piece can be worn short for a femme fatale look or kept long for a daytime vibe. Keep it casual with unbuttoned and scrunched up sleeves.

8. Soft Pants.
The pant of this season is soft, breezy and light. The pants’ lose and airy quality should be matched by a tight, collard top.

9. Khaki Dress.
The spring equivalent of the LBD, khaki dresses are popping up everywhere. We’re not talking about the old-school khaki fabric, but instead the neutral colour of this dainty shade. This look is a blank canvas for artful accessories, so have fun!

10. Bow Headbands.
Oversized and blatantly obvious bows come in many styles and forms this season, from cutesy to feminine to plain old attention seeking.


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