Summer Hair Trend: Hats and Easy Styles

Hathead is no longer taboo; A-listers are pairing easy summer ‘dos like loose waves and braids with vintage fedoras, wide-brimmed floppy hats, Panama hats, and newsboy caps to look cool this summer (with the added bonus of protecting your scalp and preserving your hair colour from the sun).

Fabulous Fedoras

You’ve seen nearly every A-lister adopt the fedora, but it can be difficult to decide when and how you should go about wearing it.  For sunny afternoons out and about, make like Diane Kruger and adopt a sidebraid — everyone is wearing this sidebraid, but a fedora adds a fresh new twist.  Or for evenings out with the girls, keep it casual, with your loose, tousled waves balancing out the fedora’s classic structure, making you look both put-together and carefree.

Basking in Bohemia

While 30+ degree weather allows you to embrace your natural waves (whether you like it or not), it can be hard to keep your hair looking tamed and together when you’re coping with frizz and fly-aways.  Toss on a wide-brimmed floppy hat and gather your hair into a low chignon or let it flow free you quickly transform your look from frazzled to fabulous.

Pretty in Panama

Believe it or not, there’s a difference between fedoras and Panama hats. A Panama hat is a cross between a fedora and a cowboy hat, they are lighter and allow your head to breathe, preventing your hair from being completely saturated by the end of the day, while simultaneously making you look together and well-accessorized.  Worn with your hair tucked up (like a French twist without the pins) and front layers free, you can hide humidity’s fury, making it seem like your fashion choice was simply convenient and not a necessity.

Newsboy Now

If you think the newsboy cap’s reserved strictly for men, you’re not alone, but if spring 2010 collections (and upcoming fall/winter looks) have taught us anything, it’s that adopting masculine-inspired aesthetics are on-point.  For a playful look, adopt a low, side ponytail to compliment jeggings and simple flats, or if you’re opting for a sexy night out, tousle your hair with mousse or light product to create bedhead chic, allowing the cap’s gentlemen qualities to balance out your feminine mystique.

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