Tips for Wearing Colour-Blocked Clothing

Once considered a wardrobe staple among grade school kids, colour blocking has returned in a big way to the world of fashion, adding brightness and warmth to clothing this spring. Appearing on everything from knit cardigans and spring jackets to pretty sundresses, this re-emerging trend will also be a challenge to wear in addition to becoming popular.

Don’t over do it. Colour blocking looks best when worn simply, with only one colour blocked item of clothing per outfit. Make sure your look is not excessive, and while fashion has become more open as of late, nobody will look trendy dressed from head to toe in clashing, overly colourful prints. Work with one piece (for example, a colour blocked top) and work in dark denim, plain accessories, and perhaps a no-makeup beauty look into the ensemble as well.

Make colour choices wisely. Colour choices this season will be vast and varied, from the neon yellows which are inspired by runway extravagance to more subtle and wearable gray colour palettes. Choose colours which look flattering against your skin tone and hair colour, to avoid looking like a fashion victim.

One hue, different shades. Previously, no fashionable individual wanted to be caught dead wearing the same colour all over, but the rules of the game have now changed thanks to this upcoming trend. If you didn’t get a chance to wear any pink, for example, over the winter months, you can now create an outfit with varying shades of your favourite colour. Hot pink, with pale baby pink thrown into the mix, is now more stylish than outdated.

Evening wear. You may have worn your classic little black dress to every formal occasion this past winter, leaving you in great need of some deserved brightness. If you think the colour blocking phenomenon is too much for the office or running errands, try the look on dresses for a night out. Choose one colour from the frock, and match your heels to that shade to look colour co-ordinated. Colour-blocked evening bags are also great, when worn with both a solid dress and shoes.

Feel free to experiment and test out this trend, and most importantly, have fun with your look this spring!

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