One of a Kind Vintage Shopping Guide

There’s so many reasons to go vintage these days:perhaps you’re looking to tighten your purse strings, or maybe just find interesting, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Vintage shopping is almost a no-fail way of finding that perfect addition to your wardrobe that makes you truly individual. And, best of all: you don’t have to be your average garden-variety hipster to rock an awesome vintage piece.

I personally love purchasing vintage pieces to not only create unique outfits, but to add an air of classicism and nostalgia to my personal style. For me, it’s like bringing out the fashion big guns.

Nothing’s more satisfying than that great vintage buy. There’s a sort of added satisfaction to the purchase of a vintage piece, over and above regular shopping. When all the right elements of fit, cut, wearability and flair come together, what you get is not just another great dress. What you really get is a great dress that you’re not going to see anyone else in.When I’ve found the perfect piece, I feel like I’m carrying a wardrobe secret home to my closet.

And every girl needs a few secrets, doesn’t she?

Here are a couple of tips and places where you can start:

Courage My Love (14 Kensington Avenue, Toronto) “ Perhaps the most popular choice for great vintage accessories. Founder and co-owner Stewart Schriver has been traveling all over the world since 1975 and bringing back trinkets from Namibia, Thailand, Turkey and India, just to name a few. Their clothing options are just as impressive: a men’s blazer will cost you no more than $40, while dresses are priced anywhere between $25 and $100, according to quality, brand and make.

A one-stop shop for all your vintage needs. Bungalow (273 Augusta Avenue, Toronto) “ My personal favourite. I once spent a few minutes too many salivating over a black floral print long-sleeved vintage Dior dress from the seventies that would’ve run me about $180. But $180 for Dior? Sigh, if I’d had the money at the time, I would’ve grabbed it.

Otherwise, the racks are always neat, the staff attentive but never hovering, and the clothes are never disappointing. And besides the Dior dress, the prices hover much lower between $30 and $100.


The Goodwill (all over Toronto) “ A true fashionista always knows that her next great piece could be right around the corner. Even if all there is around the corner is her neighbourhood Goodwill store.

Everyone wants different things from the vintage pieces they purchase, and I feel like Goodwill can meet all these different needs. I’ve heard excellent things “ and seen excellent buys! “ from the Goodwill at 365 Bloor Street East.

I Miss You (63 Ossington Street) “ For those of us with deep pockets. Located on the trendy Ossington strip, I Miss You is chock full of designer duds that will run you $100 and up. But it’s worth it “ the clothes are always freshly laundered, never stained or holey, unlike some smaller indie thrift stores.

I Miss You also has an excellent selection of vintage textured bags that are decently priced between $40 and $90. Check them out!

Ossington Street “ Ossington Street is the newest trendy strip in Toronto. I found a lot of little hole-in-the-wall vintage stores just by canvassing the stretch between Dundas and Queen Streets. I found a gorgeous black silk disco jumpsuit that cost me about $35 during my summer walk one day “ a piece that I’ve been trying to find for two years! Good luck, and happy hunting!

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