Spring Capes: The Ones We Will Wear

A cape is one of those unusual sartorial pieces that we want to love, but it’s challenging. Like a relationship, it’s so hard to find the right one; they’re often too bulky, too loud or too awkward—again, like relationships. However, with a little matchmaking it is possible to find that special cape; one who treats you like you deserve to be treated (still talking about capes). Here’s a list of four capes we fell in love with.

Sweater Cape

The sweater cape is an ideal choice for windier spring days with a lingering chill. Its relaxed fit removes formality so be sure to save it for more leisure excursions—think tea with friends or to the park.

Blanket Cape

The classic blanket cape was made for free-spirited women. Not just for festivalgoers, this piece can be paired with dark denim and a fedora hat for an urban bohemian peace.

Blanket Cape

Structured Cape

You’d think the words structure and cape would never go together, but you’d be wrong. The structured cape is a very real and noteworthy piece. Made for a woman who likes structure in her own life, this item is chic, determined and sharp—a great choice for a spring interview, good luck!

Kimino Cape

With its lightweight feel and wind-blowing abilities, it makes for a creative cover-up on those hot summer nights. Pair with black denim shorts, a simple tee and perhaps a summer scarf. Who said you can’t layer in summer?

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