Spring 2012 Fashion: Tribal Prints

Tribal prints in 2012 have come a long way from the arguably sassy offerings of past springs and summers. But instead of leaving you to struggle through how to wear tribal prints in 2012, we’ve broken down spring’s answer to tribal prints and how you can adapt them for this season.

1. Make them part of an outfit
While last year’s version saw them as an outfit’s focal point, tribal prints in 2012 are part of a whole, working with other pieces to create a streamlined, almost monochromatic effect. As seen in Donna Karan’s spring collection, tribal prints were used to complement bright colours and even neutrals, working in harmony as opposed to demanding attention on their own. This year, you want your tribal prints to flow: it’s not about just one pop.

2. Keep them earthy
While Donna Karan accentuated her tribal prints with bright colours and the season’s it-tones, Michael Kors used tribal prints in 2012 to create a raw, deconstructed look. Opting not to make animal prints and tribal prints interchangeable (which tends to occur), the designer made them work with khaki shorts, grey t-shirts and even army green capes, optimizing earth tones like you can with pleated pants and pencil skirts.

3. Think black and white
Leave it to Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. to take tribal prints in 2012 to new, albeit basic heights. By combining black and white tribal print with a basic pantsuit, she brought modernity to a tireless print and a classic style, making an otherwise earthy look appear art deco. Donna Karan did the same: through her use of black and white, she immediately catapulted her collection into a whole new age. Just don’t shy away from a crisp button-up blouse with printed skirt.

4. Be bold
There’s nothing wallflower-esque about tribal prints in 2012, so take a page out of the book of Mara Hoffman with her fearless spring collection. Bright, loud, commanding and attention-grabbing, her funky dresses and two-piece suits go hand-in-hand with the season’s affinity for statement-making. To get a better idea, think M.I.A.: you may not be able to head to the office, but through tribal print leggings and a bright oversize tank top, you’ll create a carefree approach to a casual night out.


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