One Celeb, Four Looks: Olivia Palermo

When it comes to fashion personalities we love to hate, nobody seems to spark more conversation than Olivia Palermo, the controversial socialite-turned-Elle employee that succeeded in defining a few choice words for difficult, unlikeable and completely fierce (if we wanted to be professional about it). However, you can’t deny that despite her controversial persona, the woman has style. Here are four of our favourite looks and how you can achieve them:

Look One: Biker Chic

If we’ve learned anything about Olivia, it’s that she’s not too likely to be seen wearing jeans and flannel, so if you’re one to dress up for a night out, your casual look may be closest to her leather leggings, black long sleeves and fur collar “ and frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Capitalizing on this season’s infatuation with texture, leather and scarves, Olivia makes a statement without going overboard, using black’s neutral qualities keep what could be easily overkill both wearable and edgy, as her plain black boots take a backseat to her pants and scarf. And if you’re not one for leather pants, fear not “ cigarette pants or black jeggings will look just as sleek with a longer, well-fitted top.

Olivia Palermo

Look Two: Cocktail Perfection

Just because you’re heading to a formal function doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, and as proven by Ms. Palermo’s red carpet look, embellishments, sheen and even metallic accents have a place in the world of black tie only. With her dark tights and pumps anchoring the dress’ personality, her hardware-based belt adds an edge to her overly feminine look, while the one-sided ruffle prevents her aesthetic from seeming too structured.

Adding accents to any dress is one of the best parts of getting dressed up, so by throwing a belt over an otherwise simple dress, you’re adding dimension and flair to something standard and expected. And if you chose to avoid all things ruffled, that’s okay “ opting for patterned tights or embellished boots will still work to create that necessary balance and intrigue.

Olivia Palermo

Look Three: Mix and Match Prints

It may be November, clothes may be black and minimalism may be in, but that doesn’t mean that personality should stop existing. Using black tights and a white pencil skirt to balance her vintage-cut jacket (shoulder pads: they’re not always bad) and printed wrap shirt, Olivia manages to combine two things that never go out of season: retro throwbacks and flattering lines.

Though you may want to opt out of padding if you’ve got broad shoulders, a structured blazer over a printed top and straight-down skirt evokes the Working Girl aesthetic without the business suits and excessive perms. And if you’re shorter, you’re still in the clear “ simply go for a pencil dress or high-waited skirt with your shirt tucked in to keep your silhouette looking defined and svelte.

Olivia Palermo

Look Four: Statement Jewels to complete a textured dress

The best part about this season’s fashion is there’s an element of anything goes. Meaning that despite the ins and outs of minimalism and 1950s throwbacks, the dress up attitude is still in full force and ready to be taken advantage of.

Palermo nails it with the sapphire-coloured dress with sheer sleeves and feathery ballerina-inspired skirt. It may seem like a fashion choice gone awry, the airy qualities of each keep the structured mid-section in place, adding substance to what could otherwise be a little too girly or over-the-top. And if you’re not one for so many patterns or texture choices, simply opt for a shorter full skirt with a vest and blazer, using tights or boots to add dimension and pique interest.

Olivia Palermo

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