Sheer Fashion for Spring

Lace has officially staged a comeback, and thanks to the likes of Alberta Ferretti, Anna Sui and BCBG Max Azria, it’s time to learn the tricky art of successfully combining sheer with the rest of your wardrobe. However, lace and the like have been present for decades, and with only a few simple tips, you can boast spring and summer’s delicate offering without harm and with confidence.

Body Appropriate
With such a push on sheer fabrics this season, it can be tempting to embrace a style that might not necessarily suit you for the sake of appearing fashion forward (and let’s be serious “ we’ve all been there). But while you may not feel comfortable boasting a sheer waist or a lace skirt, you can still adopt the trend without going against what looks best on you. Wearing a sheer button-up with a camisole underneath still embodies the season’s infatuation with feminine, while a vintage-inspired lace dress (like Oscar de la Renta’s) combines lace “ through a sheer overlay “ with the 60s comeback.

Risk Taking
Since committing to lace requires a certain amount of risk-taking (especially if you plan on donning a primarily sheer ensemble), it’s important to remember that if you feel comfortable enough to wear sheer leggings or a long-sleeve lace shirt, you’ve got to do it with appropriate confidence “ and with the appropriate accessories. Thus, if you’re bold enough to wear an ankle-length dress with a completely sheer skirt, it’s key to pair it with shoes heavy enough to anchor the outfit, and rings that maintain the gothic aesthetic. If not, your outfit will be wearing you and dictating the vibe you’re supposedly in control of. 

True, embracing sheer may not be synonymous with playing it safe, but there’s still a certain level of modesty that needs to be upheld if you plan on wearing certain styles in public. Meaning? That while American Apparel ads may showcase women sans bras or wearing sheer onesies, you should keep certain areas covered if you don’t want to create a scene. Case in point: embellished bras or a simple bandeau are perfect to wear under sheer pullovers, while lace mini shorts (not just underwear) work nicely under a short lace skirt if you’re not inclined to wear a slip or an underlay.

Start Small
If you’re not particularly inclined to embrace the wide world of lace with the zest of Ginnifer Goodwin, it may be safer to invest in a pair of lace tights, lace gloves or a vest you can wear over a t-shirt or a tank. However, if you’re still inclined to make a statement in terms of wardrobe, shoes (like the ones created by Elie Saab) are perfect for maintaining the trend, while a vintage lace blazer is perfect to add personality to an outfit in need of modern flair.

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